Games Workshop: Blood Bowl Gaming Supplement: Death Zone Season One (Englisch/English)

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Games Workshop: Blood Bowl Gaming Supplement: Death Zone Season One (Englisch/English) Beschreibung Drag your team to glory! Presenting a fantastic book filled with teams to get your season of Blood Bowl off to a riotous start ? Death Zone Season 1! In this 48-page softback, you?ll find a wealth of new teams, star players and play options to expand and enhance your Blood Bowl experience. In the book Within Blood Bowl Death Zone: Season 1 you?ll find: - Details for 7 team types (Skaven, Nurgle, Dwarf, Elven Union, High Elf, Dark Elf and Wood Elf) with background, rosters and famous examples of each; - new official rules! Casualties, Expensive Mistakes, Play-offs, Glittering Prizes and more! Plus the official and sacred word of the great god Nuffle on the subject of running leagues ? put your team roster together and play through a whole season of Blood Bowl, with all the victories, losses, touchdowns and injuries adding experience, growing your team into an unstoppable football juggernaut (possibly. If you win.) - an updated list of skills (a big list) and new game options to try out ? Piling On! Dirty Players! Break Tackles! Diving Catches! Really Quite Horrible Mutations! More!; - updated rules for improving your team with the addition of coaching staff: Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Cheerleaders and Apothecaries; - rules for Exhibition Play; - the Hall of Fame ? welcome the Bright Crusaders and the Orcland Raiders, along with their rosters; - Star Players! Eldril Sidewinder, Griff Oberwald, Grim Ironjaw, Guffle Pusmaw, Hakflem Skuttlespike, Jordell Freshbreeze, Mighty Zug, Morg ?n? Thorg, Prince Moranion, Roxanna Darknail and Varag Ghoul-Chewer ? they?re a in there; - official reference guides for each of the 7 team types in the book.

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