General Terms And Conditions


These Terms apply for customers only not for sellers

Basic information on the contract:

1) We supply exclusively to the agreed sales and shipment here:

a) natural persons who have completed 18 years of age. 

b.) to legal entities that are registered and declared

  (Further two points as "Customer")

2) The items remain the seller’s full property until full payment is completed and are to be paid exclusively with the summary approved by MC-corp means of payment.

3)  The Austrian statutory regulations are valid for the warranty. The demonstration of defects or revocation you have a stated period of 14 days as of the acquisition of the last partial shipment or last item by you or a designated third party.

4) If not arranged otherwise shipments will be sent by Austrian Mail Service (Österreichische Post AG). 

How is a contract achieved:

The customer confirms the deal by "Complete order" thus confirming the intent to purchase or order the products and at the same time approves that he has read the terms and conditions.
From this point on the customer places an order. (See point ordering).

Object of the contract are for the customer stored and assigned articles.

If the customer orders articles with the current status ‘not stored’, ‘ordered some more’, ‘advance order’, ‘out of production’ or ‘only when ordered’ respectively articles without a fixed price, the customers only issues a non – binding buying intention.

Should these articles be available after their arrival, you will be contacted for future procedures.

If the customer selects partial shipment he/she will be informed of possible costs for every shipment concerning the order. The customer can choose between ‘Deliver’, ‘Cancel’ and ‘add to order’. If the minimum order value is reached, the partial shipment will be for free. See Shipping list

The seller basically always accepts orders, except when:

shipping address/es is/are incomplete or unclear (misprints and/or printing errors)

the payment is incomplete or unclear (misprints and/or printing errors)

credentials are incomplete or unclear (misprints and /or printing errors).

 In case of unclarity or incompleteness we will contact you! Should you not react, we consider our contract or order as void.

Ordering, availability and delivery of products:

The customer may gather the information about the availability of the products for the most part from the store status termed furthermore ‘traffic light’. These data are generated automatically by our inventory control system thus only serving as reference for the customer about availability or delivery times. The system is updated on a daily base but we cannot guarantee 100% for the correctness of the information, intermediate sales remain reserved.

Depending on the country the order is delivered to, the delivery time may take shorter or longer. Every article has a defined delivery date.

The delivery date starts with the placement of the order or finished payment, depending on the chosen form of payment.

Provided the articles are on store, we name a delivery date of 30 days.

Articles that are not stored, for instance goods from Japan or the US, articles that are preordered and/or without fixed prices have a delivery date of 90 days.

Included is the complete term from the confirmed order over importing the article, customs and further transport till the payment and the delivery to the customer.


After the manual handling of the order and only then! can the customer check his account for reserved articles. Is the order incomplete the seller has the right to wait with the delivery and charging until an acceptable delivery date is found for both partys (if not otherwise agreed for instance via partial shipment). In this case the customer will be informed.

The balanced and reasonable relation between costs and likely delivery dates are valid.

Delivery / Payment

The customer may pay the purchase price via declaration of his/her credit card in the consumer basket 

The following applies: the clearing of the goods happens only after confirming the order and after the completion of the shipment. Amounts won’t be booked in advance. Only deliverable articles are charged. Should the credit card expire during this time the customer will be contacted via Mail or telephone by MC-corp.

The customer may pay the purchase price via PAYPAL in the consumer basket

The following applies: PAYPAL is a prepayment system. Consider this when ordering articles that are not stored. We are obliged to send you back the payment after 14 days even if the article arrives afterwards.

If in doubt, select the payment choice ‘invoice before start of delivery’ (previously ‘advanced payment’). After receiving the invoice you can inform us of your PAYPAL payment wish.

Only available goods will be charged. Overpayments are returned via PAYPAL.

Within Austria payment via ‘invoice before start of delivery’ (previously ‘advanced payment’) and ‘cash on delivery’ is possible. Payment by ‘cash on delivery’ always counts as transaction.

Worldwide payment by ‘invoice before start of delivery’ is possible.

Delivery restrictions

Following articles cannot be delivered outside the EU. Should any these articles still be ordered, they will be removed manually and payments will be refunded:

Paints, varnishes, glues and thinners of all kind that contain flammable substances, as well as all kind of sprays and/or all containers under pressure

Shipment tracking

For tracking, returns, complaints, unsuccessful delivery attempts as well as other use of your customer number we always ask for correct contact details.
The delivery goes to the address stated by the customer via mailing (Post AG).

Prices of items:

Principally, the customer gathers the prize from the webshop. The declared price may vary due to currency fluctuations or changes in supply routes during the offer period. 

Costs for possible customs, import sales tax and charges during the delivery are to borne by the customer!